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Ronnie Northampton present to you a collection of handcrafted men’s and women’s welted shoes made in England.

Born in Northampton, England – a town synonymous with the footwear industry since the 15th Century, Ronnie Northampton utilise traditional manufacturing techniques to produce contemporary footwear for men and women.

Best described as “boys shoes for girls” the Ronnie Northampton women’s collection consists of women’s welted shoes inspired by their male counterparts but featuring enough female flair to stand out on their own.

Whilst the men’s collection takes traditional styles of shoe and brings them right into the 21th century by adding modern design details. This is all while retaining the classic look that has been craved by distinguished gentlemen for hundreds of years.

Supporting the ethos of  ‘Made in Britain’ wholeheartedly, Ronnie Northampton sources locally and produces out of Great Britain. Using factories, craftsmen and women with decades of experience and with a nod  to Northamptonshire’s traditional footwear design, each of our women’s welted shoes exist to tell a story.

Of course, that story is only the beginning, with a pair of our shoes upon your feet the rest is up to you to make your own.