About Ronnie Northampton

Ronnie Northampton presents to you a stunning collection of women’s goodyear welted shoes.

Born in Northampton, England – a town synonymous with the footwear industry, the main driver behind the Ronnie Northampton collection was people. People provided stories which inspired the design and people also provided stories which inspired the making.

Northamptonshire was once a hub for shoemaking and with this came many tales. Tales of the footwear industry and the craft of shoemaking that was told to the designer whilst growing up in Northamptonshire. It appeared that everyone was connected to somebody who was involved in this industry, but then this should have been no surprise given the abundance of shoe factories that were once scattered around the county.

The association between Northamptonshire and shoemaking dates back to the 15th Century. Northamptonshire’s central location enabled a wide distribution network to be established; as a result shoemaking developed to become the town’s major industry.

With a designer that loves shoes and stories, Ronnie Northampton witnessed a space in the market for a fine crafted and contemporary line for women’s welted shoes.

All of the shoes in the Ronnie Northampton collection are made using this process, allowing the worn sole to be removed and replaced allowing for longevity of the upper.

Supporting the ethos of  ‘Made in Britain’ wholeheartedly, Ronnie Northampton sources locally and  produces out of Great Britain. Using factories, craftsmen and women with decades of experience, each of our shoes have a nod to Northamptonshire’s traditional footwear design and uses the combinational forces of knowledge, craft, skill, ideas and memories to create a fresh look on an age old tradition.